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"ALEX KATZ - "TIMELESS" selected prints, works on paper and cutouts".

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"When you work on a print you start out and then after you get the first proof you change your ideas. You go with the material."
Alex Katz

01.04.–30.05.2020, extended until 20.06.2020


(geb. 1927 in Brooklyn, NY)


Selected prints, works on paper and cutouts

Alex Katz, "Nicole"

Alex Katz

(geb. 1927 Brooklyn, NY)


Lithographie, Holzschnitt, Siebdruck 2018

91,4 x 203,2 cm

sign. num.

Auflage 83 Exemplare


The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue (96 pages, 53 images, text Dr. Eva Sabrina Atlan, The New Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Euro 10).

You also have the possibility to leaf through the cataloque (PDF) virtually here.

Dr. Eva Sabrina Atlan, collection director and curator at the Jewish Museum Frankfurt is talking about the artworks of the American artist Alex Katz (on our instagram account - more statements you can find on the artist site Alex Katz):

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MOVING - moving - moving ... we are getting ready for you very soon: "MADE IN BRITAIN II" CAULFIELD, CRAIG-MARTIN, DAVENPORT, DOIG, HAMILTON, HOCKNEY, HUGHES, OPIE Exhibition January 23rd until March 16th 2019 Galerie Boisserée, Cologne since 1838 Opening Wednesday January 23rd at 6.30 pm You are very much welcome! Further information: Exhibition catalogue: #art #artadvisory #ausstellung #boisseree #cologne #contemporaryart #collectart #davidhockney #edition #exhibition #galerie #galerieboisseree #gallery #hockney #iandavenport #julianopie #koeln #köln #kunst #limitededition #limitededitionprints #michaelcraigmartin #modernart #moving #multiples #patrickcaulfield #patrickhughes #peterdoig #richardhamilton #collectprints

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Alex Katz, "Beauty 3"

Alex Katz

(geb. 1927 Brooklyn, NY)

"Beauty 3"

Tusche, Bleistift, Marker, Öl auf Papier 2019

23 x 23,5 cm



Alex Katz
Selected prints, works on paper and cutouts

For the first time, Galerie Boisserée is presenting a solo exhibition with works by the US-American artist Alex Katz.

With his paintings, drawings and prints, as well as his sculptures in the form of cut-outs, Katz has been influencing the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries since more than sixty-five years. His style of ‘cool painting‘ was ground-breaking for American Pop Art and continues to inspire subsequent generations of artists to this day.

Works by the artist, who was born in New York in 1927, are included in museum collections worldwide and have been shown in recent years at, among others, the Albertina in Vienna, the Tate Modern in London, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Museum Brandhorst in Munich and the Musée de l‘Orangerie in Paris. A further retrospective will be presented this year at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid. On display at Galerie Boisserée are prints, drawings and cut-outs spanning more than twenty years.

With his portraits, Katz strives to portray an immediate present, a moment, similar to a photograph. Conscious of the medial over-presence of corporeality, Katz lets the large-scale portraits come very close to the viewer. In doing so, these personalities in no way expose themselves and maintain a cool distance.

With images of flowers and reflections of light on water, the current exhibition presents various motifs from Katz‘s landscape painting, which define his oeuvre as much as the portrait.

With his prints, Katz potentiates the radiance and depth of colour space of his paintings. In the early 1960s, he began delving into various printing techniques, realising his motifs in silkscreen prints, lithographs and etchings, as well as in linocuts and woodcuts. In the process of creating a print, Katz, together with his printing workshops, constantly develops the various techniques further. The increased colour intensity and pictorial precision is immediately perceived by the viewer.

The exhibition is accompanied by a cataloque, available for Euro 10.00 incl. domestic shipping.

Alex Katz, "Coca-Cola Girl 1 (Cutout)"

Alex Katz

(geb. 1927 Brooklyn, NY)

"Coca-Cola Girl 1 (Cutout)"

Cutout aus pulverbeschichtetem Aluminium 2019

53 x 48 cm x 8 cm

sign. num. bez.

Auflage 60 Exemplare


Press release (English).

Alex Katz, "Flags"

Alex Katz

(geb. 1927 Brooklyn, NY)


Holzschnitt 2013

107 x 305 cm

sign. num. bez.

Auflage 35 Exemplare


Alex Katz Flags, 2013

Alex Katz working on the wood-blocks from "Flags" 2013

Alex Katz Flags, 2013

Wood-blocks from "Flags" 2013

Please see all of the works from the exhibition here.

Alex Katz, "Summer Flowers"

Alex Katz

(geb. 1927 Brooklyn, NY)

"Summer Flowers"

Siebdruckfarben auf Emailbasis auf grundierter Leinwand (Gesso) 2018

107 x 282 cm

sign. num.

Auflage 35 Exemplare


Alex Katz, "Red Hat Ada"

Alex Katz

(geb. 1927 Brooklyn, NY)

"Red Hat Ada"

Holzschnitt 2015

152 x 108 cm

sign. num. bez.

Auflage 40 Exemplare


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Julian Opie, "Sara gets undressed. 34."

Julian Opie

(geb. 1958 in London)

"Sara gets undressed. 34."

Mischtechnik (Vinyl) 2003

239 x 137 cm



Julian Opie, "Paper Head 1., Paper Head 2., Paper Head 3., Paper Head 4., Paper Head 5., Paper Head 6., Paper Head 7., Paper Head 8., Paper Heads"

Julian Opie

(geb. 1958 in London)

"Paper Heads, Paper Head 1.–Paper Head 8."

Lasergeschnittene Papierreliefs 2019

83,4 x 71,1 cm x 3,9 cm

sign. num. dat. bet.

Auflage 55 Exemplare



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