Robert Indiana

Works of art

Robert Indiana, "HOPE"

Robert Indiana

(New Castle 1928 - 2018 Vinalhaven)


Farbig lackiertes Aluminium in Blau & Rot 2009

91,5 x 91,5 cm x 46 cm

sign. num. dat. bez.

Auflage 8 Exemplare


Robert Indiana, "The American Dream"

Robert Indiana

(New Castle 1928 - 2018 Vinalhaven)

"The American Dream"

Buch mit 6 lose einliegenden und 24 eingebundenen Farbsiebdrucken 1997

57 x 44 cm x 5 cm

sign. num. dat.

Auflage 650 Exemplare


Robert Indiana, "The Book of Love"

Robert Indiana

(geb. 1928 in New Castle, Indiana)

"The Book of Love"

Portfolio mit 12 Farbsiebdrucken und 12 Gedichten mit Prägedruck 1996

60,5 x 50,5 cm Abb. 46 x 45,7 cm

sign. num. dat.

Auflage 200 Exemplare



Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana (New Castle, Indiana 1928–2018 Vinalhaven, Maine) is one of the most famous representatives of American Pop Art. His striking sign images pick up on the signal-like pictorial language of commercial advertising and combine this with the means of expression of American art in the 1920s. It is the sharp outlines of the monumental letters, numbers and forms, translated into clear, bright colours, with which he achieves his individual pictorial message. His works have become icons of twentieth century art. The astonishing simplicity of their appearance has led the paintings of Robert Indiana themselves to become a kind of logo.


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