Louise Bourgeois

Works of art

Louise Bourgeois, "Eight in Bed", MoMA Kat. 224.3

Louise Bourgeois

(Paris 1911 - 2010 New York)

"Eight in Bed"

(Acht im Bett)

Farblithographie mit Prägedruck, Zustand 3 von 3 2000

52,4 x 59,8 cm, Abb. 35,6 x 43 cm

sign. num.

Auflage 61 Exemplare

MoMA Kat. 224.3


Louise Bourgeois, "Couples", MoMA 547.2

Louise Bourgeois

(Paris 1911 - 2010 New York)


Farblithographie, mit goldener Acrylfarbe von Hand übergangen 2001

113 x 66 cm

sign. num.

Auflage 210 Exemplare

MoMA 547.2


Louise Bourgeois, "Ode à ma Mère"

Louise Bourgeois

(Paris 1911 - 2010 New York)

"Ode à ma Mère"

Buch mit 9 Radierungen und einem Text von Louise Bourgeois 1995

32,7 x 32 cm x 4 cm Abb. 30 x 30 cm

sign. num.

Auflage 125 Exemplare



Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois was born in Paris in 1911. She lived through a traumatic childhood with a dominant father who paid little attention to her and humiliated her mother through years of a relationship with a young Englishwoman in their own home. Her father ran a restoration workshop for carpets in which her mother also worked. Her mother, who worked on the carpets with threads, is connected to the motif of the spider, a recurring central theme in Bourgeois’s pictures and sculptures. According to Bourgeois, the spider symbolises the maternal, the protective.

Louise Bourgeois initially studied mathematics at the Sorbonne in Paris before turning to fine art at various academies in Paris. She became a pupil of Fernand Léger, who encouraged her to work as a sculptor.

In 1938, she emigrated with her husband, the art historian Robert Goldwater, to New York, where she lived until her death.

Louise Bourgeois’s works find their roots in her own childhood, which was marked by her difficult relationship with her father and the benevolence of her mother. The installation The Destruction of the Father and countless works with the motif of the spider, such as, for example, the gigantic, metre-high spider figures, the Mamans, were born out of this.

Bourgeois received numerous honours, awards and prizes, and The Museum of Modern Art in New York dedicated a retrospective to her.

The work of Louise Bourgeois, who worked with unusual materials such as latex, wax, and cement, but also with wood, bronze and marble, comprises sculptures, numerous prints, installations and the spatial ‘cell’ works, enclosed spaces often made of wire mesh.

Louise Bourgeois is one of the most important women artists of our time.

In 2010, she died in New York City at the age of ninety-eight.


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