David Nash

Works of art

David Nash, "Red Collumn"

David Nash

(geb. 1945, Esher, UK)

"Red Collumn"

Pastellkreide auf festem Karton 2009

20,2 x 14,3 cm

sign. dat. bet.


David Nash, "Yellow, Blue, Red"

David Nash

(geb. 1945, Esher, UK)

"Yellow, Blue, Red"

Pastell Pochoir 2018

66,3 x 103,2 cm

sign. num. dat. bet.

Auflage 25 Exemplare


David Nash, "Blue Collumn"

David Nash

(geb. 1945, Esher, UK)

"Blue Collumn"

Pastell Pochoir 2017

75,8 x 56,6 cm

sign. num. dat. bet.

Auflage 30 Exemplare



David Nash

David Nash is a renowned British artist known for his impressive sculptures and installations made from wood. Born in 1945, Nash has forged a unique connection with nature throughout his career, expressing its beauty and power in his works. His creations exhibit a harmonious balance between form and material, as he masterfully harnesses the organic potential of wood. Through his skilled manipulation, he crafts sculptures that appear both raw and archaic, yet elegant and refined. Nash‘s works are a testament to his profound reverence for nature and its infinite possibilities, which he articulates with remarkable craftsmanship. His pieces have been showcased in international galleries and museums, leaving a lasting impact on contemporary art.


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