Donald Judd

Works of art

Donald Judd, ohne Titel (Block 2-L), Schellmann 040

Donald Judd

(Excelsior Springs 1928 - 1994 New York)

ohne Titel (Block 2-L)

aus "Set of 26 woodcuts in Cadmium Red"

Holzschnitt in Rot auf cartridge paper 1968/69

77,3 x 55,9 cm, Abb. 63,5 x 41,1 cm

sign. num. dat. bez.

Auflage ca. 20 Exemplare

Schellmann 040


Donald Judd, ohne Titel - Blatt 6, Schellmann 192

Donald Judd

(Excelsior Springs 1928 - 1994 New York)

ohne Titel - Blatt 6

aus "Set of 6 woodcuts printed in cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow and cadmium yellow deep"

Holzschnitt in Kadmiumgelb dunkel 1988 - 1990

60 x 80 cm

sign. num.

Auflage 54 Exemplare

Schellmann 192



Donald Judd

Donald Clarence Judd (Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1928–1994 New York), one of the main representatives of Minimalism, is regarded as one of the most important artists of the post-war period. His radical ideas and artworks continue to influence broad areas of art, architecture and design to this day.

The clear, sober language of Judd’s work reveals his strong interest in colour, form, material and space. Before Judd began creating three-dimensional works as sculptures, installations and furniture, he worked as a painter and art critic, studied Philosophy and Art History at Columbia University and painting at the Art Students League. He developed the idea of a permanent installation of his works, first in New York and later in Marfa, Texas.

Donald Judd was tirelessly committed to the significance of art and design. He regarded environmental protection as a fundamental aspect of society and wrote a large number of theoretical texts.

In 1986, he founded the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, specifically for the permanent installation of large-scale works, accessible to visitors through guided tours.

In 1990, Donald Judd moved into a studio in Cologne. He died in New York in 1994.


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